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ValueScope Core Tenets

ValueScope is a team of experienced valuation experts, management consultants and chartered financial analysts. We are Certified Public Accountants, statisticians, creative and strategic thinkers.* We are PhDs, board members and former corporate executives.

Measuring and improving value 

We value things – nearly everything, in fact – and we’re often called on to improve value. The things we value range from business interests to financial and intangible assets. We value esoteric things, too: derivative instruments, loan guarantees, human capital, corporate damages, even life itself. And all things financial economics: predictive and probabilistic modeling, determining economic substance, characterizing debt or equity, structuring transactions. Asset, liability or equity, we can measure it, structure it, or help improve its value.

Deep, broad expertise

We’ve run large project teams and successful companies. We’ve turned around struggling business units. We have invested in, bought and sold businesses. Depth and breadth of talent is what sets us apart.

When we applied academic rigor to valuation analyses, we changed the valuation industry forever. Today, we remain at the forefront — offering sophisticated financial and econometric analyses supported by robust theory and empirical data.

We help clients navigate complex financial terrain and earn them millions of dollars in the process. With a strong record in deposition and trial, we make a powerful and trustworthy partner.

Client-focused advisers

The principal question in valuation used to be, “How do we argue for the most strategic value?” The new question is, “How do we create and maximize value?”

ValueScope is your team of tough-minded and client focused business advisors. We have the hard won financial acumen and the real life experience to solve your most difficult business challenges. Call it analytical, problem-solving horsepower. It’s one of many defining characteristics of our firm.

ValueScope, Inc. claims compliance with the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. This claim has not been verified by CFA Institute.

*ValueScope is not a licensed CPA firm.

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We measure, defend, and create value.

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Pioneering an industry

Business Valuation Services (BVS), the predecessor of ValueScope, was founded in 1987 and became the premier financial valuation firm in the US with offices in Chicago, Dallas, and California.


Harvesting value

As an industry thought leader, BVS was a pioneer in applying academic research to solving valuations and value-centric problems in commercial litigation and within the IRS & DOJ for complex tax matters. BVS merged with a public consulting firm in 1998.


Building again

Launched in 2001, ValueScope continues the BVS tradition of “best in class” by applying valuation theory and methodologies to financial, transactional and damages cases for government, corporate, private equity, attorney, and CPA clients.


Expanding a 30-year legacy

In 2016, ValueScope will be expanding into the transaction advisory practice to leverage its broad knowledge of financial economics for lower middle market business owners looking to harvest their life’s work in a divestiture and to maximize the value of their businesses. Stay tuned for more updates.


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Business Valuation Expert Dallas

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