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Dylan Becker has been hired on as an Intern at ValueScope Inc. to assist the staff with projects that will help further his education.  He hopes to gain knowledge in financial analysis, research, consulting, valuation modeling, and investment management. Currently, Mr. Becker assists the ValueScope team in advising clients on mergers and acquisition opportunities, business plans, valuations of various assets, business interests, and financial consulting services.  Mr. Becker plans to graduate in May of 2023 from the University of Arizona, with a bachelors in Business Administration.  After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in the investment banking industry and eventually attend graduate school to complete his MBA.  On campus, Mr. Becker co-founded the University of Arizona’s financial modeling group and currently serves as the Vice President of Training. He is an Associate in the Eller College of Management’s highly selective Wall Street Scholars program as well as an active member of the Investments Club.  Mr. Becker served as the Treasurer and currently serves as the Vice President of his fraternity, Sigma Chi Beta Phi.


ValueScope                                                                                                                                 Dallas, TX

Summer Intern/Associate                                                                                                     May 2021 – Present

Chapwood Capital Investments                                                                                             Dallas, TX

Investment Analyst Intern                                                                               December 2020 – January 2021

  • Evaluated high-yield equities and fixed-income assets to influence $1.1 million in total portfolio allocation for clients
  • Conducted emerging markets ETF analysis based on correlation with the S&P 500 for client portfolio diversification
  • Designed an Excel spreadsheet tracking covered calls and naked puts to enhance options trading capabilities

 Supreme Lending                                                                                                                       Dallas, TX

Summer Pricing Analyst                                                                                            April 2020 – August 2020

  • Implemented updates to 100+ mortgage rate-locks per day, while ensuring the data integrity of rate-lock information
  • Audited loan histories to communicate the cause of price discrepancies and resolve possible costly errors
  • Provide expertise and develop various pricing strategies to mortgage loan officers to best navigate the market

Caliber Collision                                                                                                                         Dallas, TX

Marketing Intern                                                                                                       June 2019 – August 2019

  • Facilitated more than 10 secret-shopper scenarios to assess customer touchpoints and delivered findings to the C-suite
  • Assisted in the creation of two weekly corporate communications to 20,000 employees at locations nationwide
  • Managed database of 1K+ digital assets and ensured accuracy of 2K+ event-attendee registration list


University of Arizona, Eller College of Management                                                                                Tucson, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration                                                              Expected: May 2023

  • Major: Finance, Accounting | Minor: Computer Science
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.94 | ACT Score: 34

 Honors: Dean’s List with Distinction, Highest Academic Distinction, Merit Tuition Distinction, Wall Street Scholars


Wall Street Scholars Program                                                                                                                       Tucson, AZ

Active Member                                                                                                             October 2020 – Present

  • Selected as 1 of 14 students to participate in the investment banking track of a financial development program
  • Conduct valuation and financial statement analysis and create detailed M&A write-ups for about 8 hours each week

Financial Modeling Club                                                                                                         Tucson, AZ

Vice President of Training                                                                                                    September 2020 – Present

  • Build weekly financial models in Excel to prepare for the global Modeloff competition and master finance functions
  • Chosen as 1 of 2 students to spearhead the promotion of the Adventis Financial Modeling Certification Program

Sigma Chi Beta Phi                                                                                                                   Tucson, AZ

Vice President, Treasurer                                                                                                     March 2020 – Present

  • Oversee and budget for $300,000 in accounts receivable and ensure that all accounts payable deadlines are met
  • Structure the chapter’s bookkeeping process by creating balance sheets and income and cash-flow statements


FMC Level I Certification from Adventis                                                                             Winter 2021

  • Built a three-statement fully circular and properly formatted financial model from scratch in under 90 minutes
  • Scored greater than 90% on an exam covering concepts in financial modeling, accounting, and corporate finance



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