Tom McNulty, CQF, FRM, MBA



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Tom McNulty has 25 years of experience working across the entire commodity and energy value chain.  He draws on a rare combination of industry, Wall Street, consulting, and government experience to provide his clients with transaction, commercial analytics, litigation, and valuation opinion services.  Tom is a nationally recognized commodity and energy industry expert, and has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV.  As an advisor, and in his corporate career, Tom has delivered more than $55 billion in energy-related transaction, valuation, restructuring, and litigation projects.  He has also advised on, or executed, $14 billion in M&A and principal investment deals, and executed or valued more than $15 billion notional in derivative instruments.  His expert litigation work has included shareholder disputes, business valuation, M&A, derivatives and hedging, and damages assessments.

Tom studied military and diplomatic history at Yale, where he was a varsity football letterman as a walk-on.  Following graduation, he went to work on Wall Street with Brown Brothers Harriman and Co. (“BBH”), the nation’s oldest private bank.  He was a Federal funds and Eurodollar trader, and also worked in the bank’s international treasury department. During his time with BBH he was selected for training in the elite US Foreign Service and was commissioned a Foreign Service Officer in November 1990.  Volunteering for critical threat postings, he served tours of duty in Southeast Asia and in Russia.  He was also a Staff Officer at headquarters in Washington DC, where he worked on energy security and trade issues.  Tom left the Foreign Service to pursue his MBA at Northwestern University, where he studied Analytical Finance and Accounting.

Following business school, Tom moved to Houston and worked with three Fortune 100 energy companies: Enron International, Duke Energy, and Plains All American.  At all three companies he worked on the M&A teams and in Corporate Treasury.  These roles involved transaction due diligence, strategic planning, corporate finance, risk management, and market analysis responsibilities.  Tom’s career has included substantial cross-border work in Asia, Europe, and in Latin America.  His corporate experience enhances his ability to advise clients with complex transaction, litigation, valuation, and business strategy challenges.  More specifically, Tom is an expert in treasury operations, corporate finance, deal execution, post-merger integration and value harvesting.


  • BA, Yale University
  • MBA, Northwestern University


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