International Transfer Pricing

International Transfer Pricing - Intellectual PropertyValueScope is uniquely positioned to accurately value, document and defend transfer prices between related entities. Our team of international tax, economic and valuation professionals have the technical knowledge and industry expertise to analyze transactions ranging from simple transfers of tangible goods and services to the most unique transfers of intellectual property.

ValueScope’s experts have extensive experience working with entities of all sizes, from local companies that are entering the global marketplace for the first time, to longtime members of the Fortune 50.


ValueScope offers a comprehensive suite of services related to establishing and documenting the arm’s length standard for pricing the transfers between related entities.

  • Tax Compliance and Documentation (including detailed functional and economic analyses satisfying OECD, intercountry treaties and US standards)
  • Advance Pricing Agreements (unilateral, bi-lateral and multi-lateral)
  • Cost Sharing Agreements

Intellectual Property & Other Intangible Assets

ValueScope’s team of experts has the technical knowledge, experience and industry expertise to assist in accurately valuing the most complex transactions involving IP and other intangibles.

  • Trademarks and Trade Names
  • Software
  • Patents
  • Customer Lists
  • Favorable Supplier Contracts
  • Assembled Workforce
  • Copyrights

Also, the US Internal Revenue Service regularly engages our team of experts to assist with its largest transfer pricing disputes. This experience gives our team the advantage of understanding exactly what the IRS and international authorities are looking for when selecting transfer pricing cases for audit.

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