Business Bankruptcy

business bankruptcy personalValueScope provides sophisticated analysis for bankruptcy, insolvency and reorganization situations. Our experience and resources mean you and your team will have admissible financial analysis. We can also offer critical insight to help protect and enhance the interests of creditors, management, and shareholders. We offer analysis and testimony related to:

  • Valuation issues and disputes
  • Business Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy Personal
  • Lost profits and earnings
  • Analysis for regulatory bodies including IRS, SEC and FTC
  • Analysis of preferences and fraudulent transfers
  • Plan feasibility studies
  • Adequate protection issues
  • Asset identification and recovery
  • Out-of-pocket claims
  • Substantive consolidation issues
  • Intellectual property

Examples of our work:

Manufacturer’s Sales Representative Organization vs. International Public Oil Rig Manufacturer

United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. For a plan feasibility study, we analyzed a commercial and residential developer’s plan of reorganization and helped the court develop its opinion that the debtor’s plan was feasible. We advised the court on appropriate cram down interest rates for exit financing.

Drilling industry supplier

United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division. On an intellectual property case, we advised the court on the value of drilling and production drawings which had come into a supplier’s possession. We developed and used a new methodology to value intellectual property that the court subsequently adopted.

Information Technology solutions provider

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. We were retained to value a minority interest that was allegedly transferred fraudulently for a bankruptcy proceeding. We submitted an expert report and testified at a deposition. The case was settled.

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