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Economic Damages

Economic DamagesDue to our valuation skills, we were among the first firms to work on damages cases. Damages often result from the difference between two value measurements. That’s why attorneys came to see us as ideal experts. We’ve performed thousands of analyses for almost every imaginable purpose. From complex commercial litigation, to estate and family matters. We bring a wealth of ideas and insights to a structured damages model.

Examples of our work:

Manufacturer’s Sales Representative Organization vs. International Public Oil Rig Manufacturer

270th Judicial District, Harris County, Texas. This international arbitration matter was successfully litigated in 2013 and involved numerous damages calculations associated with various breach of contracts.

After-telecom Services Provider vs. Media Holding Company

The District Court of Dallas County, Texas, 68th Judicial District. We were retained to calculate economic damages related to the dissolution of a joint venture. We submitted an expert report and we provided testimony in a deposition. The case was settled.

Large Individual Investor vs. Wealth Management Firm and Investment Advisor

This case involved an alleged misrepresentation of value and investment returns on a series of partnerships and limited liability companies. We valued each investment and calculated subsequent economic damages, comparing actual investment returns and losses against various alternative investment portfolios.

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