John Garvey, Bland Garvey Accountants and Consultants

“They’ve made me look better in front of my clients because they are knowledgeable and effective and solving complex problems… I recommend them highly.”

Rob Quick, RRBB on why to choose ValueScope

“The quality of their analytics and reports is second to none.”

Oliver Lamb, Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting

“They were able to quickly and efficiently help us. Their expertise made a huge difference and saved us a lot of money. At every stage in the process their professionalism has been extremely impressive. I knew we picked the right guys in the first place, but they reaffirmed that repeatedly.”

Clarence Kelley

“Thank you and your team again for the thorough and timely valuation and analysis of Qualitas Hospice. Your analysis and reports armed me with the prerequisite information I needed to make an informed business decision.”

Jason Pruismann, Partner at Scale Marketing

“Marty Hanan is quite simply on a higher level; other worldly intelligent yet capable of distilling down any situation and explaining its fundamental core to any audience. He owns most rooms with unbeatable expertise in business valuation and maximizing profitability. You will not find a more competent, resourceful or loyal partner.”

Steve Fenstermacher, CFO at MCR Oil Tools

“Marty provided valuation services on an international manufacturing plant acquisition project. ValueScope, Inc. was highly professional, on time, experienced, and skilled. His company is the place to go for services that are outside the norm in valuation and financial services.”

Paul Dobrowski, Partner at Dobrowski LLP

As told to his litigation team after trial, “Now you know why I hire Marty Hanan.”

Larry Letkewicz, Former Special Trial Attorney, Office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS

“As a special trial attorney for the Office of the Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service for over 25 years, I have hired ValueScope and its principals on more than a dozen occasions and have consistently been impressed with their work.  In fact, I have rarely encountered in my cases or in any of my colleagues cases a more professional, creative, and effective firm at analyzing and solving a problem, communicating the resulting opinion in a report, and delivering concise and effective testimony in U.S. Tax Court. As a result, I have recommended ValueScope to other attorneys on dozens of occasions, and I continue to recommend them for any Federal tax matter where objective analysis and results are critical.”

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