We provide financial valuations & tax reporting services to clients and their financial advisors.


We provide litigation support & expert testimony to clients and their legal advisors.


We provide management consulting & transaction advisory services to entrepreneurs.


Business Valuation

ValueScope is at the leading edge of the business valuation industry. It was our people who brought rigorous, empirical, cutting edge methodologies to the profession. Business Valuation Dallas

Litigation Support

With a strong record in deposition and trial, we make for a powerful, invaluable partner in litigation support.  Our clients are right to seek us out – our skill at defending our work under intense cross examination is proven.  Litigation Support Dallas 

Tax Reporting

ValueScope professionals are experts in all facets of tax reporting and tax appraisal, from gift & estate valuations to complex international transfer pricing.

Transaction Advisory

Our transaction advisory team will help you discover and exploit new growth opportunities. We’ll work to keep you moving forward to meet your full potential.

Transfer Pricing

ValueScope’s transfer pricing group includes an experienced team of economists (Ph.Ds., MSs and MBAs) and valuation specialists.

Management Consulting & Analytics

Our management consulting team will help you discover and exploit new growth opportunities. We’ll work to keep you moving forward to meet your full potential.

Financial Reporting

Our team of Chartered Financial Reporting Analysts, CPAs, appraisers and corporate finance experts help you successfully navigate mergers, offers, unusual transactions, reporting requirements and other difficult challenges.

Healthcare Services

Our healthcare team will help you navigate the regulatory landscape and realize the full potential of your practice.

Public Company Services

ValueScope is a leader in the application of fair value measurement employing the Mandatory Performance Framework for better compliance with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

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  • "They've made me look better in front of my clients because they are knowledgeable and effective and solving complex problems... I recommend them highly." John Garvey, Bland Garvey Accountants and Consultants.

    John Garvey
    John Garvey, Bland Garvey Accountants and Consultants.
  • "The quality of their analytics and reports is second to none" Rob Quick, RRBB, Accountants + Advisors

    Rob Quick
    Rob Quick, RRBB on why to choose ValueScope
  • "They were able to quickly and efficiently help us. Their expertise made a huge difference and saved us a lot of money. At every stage in the process their professionalism has been extremely impressive. I knew we picked the right guys in the first place, but they reaffirmed that repeatedly."

    Oliver Lamb
    Oliver Lamb, Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting
  • "Thank you and your team again for the thorough and timely valuation and analysis of Qualitas Hospice. Your analysis and reports armed me with the prerequisite information I needed to make an informed business decision."

    Clarence Kelley
    Clarence Kelley


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